Portfolio Overview

Portfolio Company Profile

$444M Revenue


5.5x Debt-to-EBITDA

Asset Type

First Lien Senior Secured 81%
Second Lien Senior Secured 17%
Unsecured Debt <1%
Investment Funds and Vehicles 1%
Equity Investments <1%

Interest Rate Type

Floating Rate >99%
Fixed Rate <1%

Geographic Diversification

United States - South 43%
United States - West 18%
United States - Midwest 17%
United States - Northeast 17%
Belgium 2%
United Kingdom <2%
Canada <2%

Industry Diversification

Internet Software and Services 10%
Professional Services 10%
Healthcare Providers and Services 9%
Distribution 9%
Food and Beverage 7%
Buildings and Real Estate 6%
Business Services 5%
Education 4%
Advertising and Media 3%
Chemicals 3%
Consumer Products 3%
Infrastructure and Environmental Services 3%
Oil and Gas 3%
Specialty Retail 3%
Aerospace and Defense 3%
Rest of Portfolio (12 other industries) 19%

All data as of 6/30/19. Portfolio company credit statistics for Owl Rock are derived from the most recently available portfolio company financial statements, have not been independently verified by Owl Rock, and may reflect a normalized or adjusted amount. Accordingly, Owl Rock makes no representation or warranty in respect to this information. Portfolio company statistics excludes certain investments that fall outside of our typical borrower profile, our portfolio companies representing 96.7% of our total portfolio based on fair value. Diversification will not guarantee profitability or protection against loss.