Edward D'Alelio

Mr. D’Alelio was formerly a Managing Director and CIO for Fixed Income at Putnam Investments, Boston, where he served from 1989 until he retired in 2002. While at Putnam, he served on the Investment Policy Committee, which was responsible for oversight of all investments. He also sat on various Committees including attribution and portfolio performance. Prior to joining Putnam, he was a portfolio manager at Keystone Investments and prior to that, he was an Investment Analyst at The Hartford Ins. Co. Since 2002, Mr. D’Alelio has served as an Executive in Residence at the University of Mass., Boston—School of Management. He is also chair of the investment committee of the UMass Foundation and chair of the UMass Memorial Hospital investment committee and serves on its corporate board. He serves on the Advisory Committees of Ceres Farms and New Generation Investments. Since May 2007, Mr. D’Alelio has served as corporate director of Engauge Inc. and since September 2009 he has served as director of Vermont Farmstead Cheese. Since January 2008 he has served on the board of Blackstone/GSO Long Short Credit Fund & Blackstone/GSO Sen. Flt Rate Fund. Since December 2008 he has served on the board of Carador PLC, a Dublin based offshore closed end fund. Since 2016 he has served on the boards of Owl Rock Capital Corporation and Owl Rock Capital Corporation II and since 2018 he has served on the board of Owl Rock Technology Finance Corp. Mr. D’Alelio’s previous corporate board assignments include Archibald Candy, Doane Pet Care and Trump Entertainment Resorts. Mr. D’Alelio is a graduate of the Univ. of Mass Boston and has an M.B.A. from Boston University.